Authorized person
Authorized person
Buffing Machine
Continuous Toggle Dryer
Dampen Machine
Damping Machine
Dry Drum (Cri-ni)
Dryers For Skins Tunnel Model
Drying Cabinet Type Drum
Electronic Measuring Machine
Finiflex Machine
Full Automatic Rotary Spraying Machine
Horizontal Wool – On Stacking Machine ( Jumbo )
Hydraulic Fleshing Machine
Hydraulic Ironing Machine Dms 70-u
Hydraulic S.s. Mixer Drum
Inox Laboratory Drum
Overhead Chain Conveyor
Polyester Tipping Paddle
Rotary Spraying Machine Ecologic Type
Rotary Spraying Machine
Spraying Machine Ecologic Type
Stainless Steel Mixer
Staking Machine
Sulphiding Machine
Table and Horse
Vertical Wool – On Stacking Machine ( Jumbo )
Wooden Drum
Wool Drying Tunnel
Wool Washing And Cleaning Machine